The Re-tirement Workshop

     Designed for serving or recently retired members of the Armed Forces, police services and other first responders, this workshop will help them as they transition to civilian life.  Having lived a very different work experience than other people of our society, their needs during this period of adjustment requires a new approach.  This workshop is there to help them appreciate how the skills they developed during their careers can be transferred to their new careers as civilians.  The member's spouse is highly encouraged to participate in this interactive workshop series as well.


Wealth Management Intensive

     Our flagship course is designed to help you define your vision of "retirement".  It will help you set the foundation for your financial plan and your investment strategies before and during retirement and most importantly, help you determine if you are financially ready to leave the world of "work".  You will learn how to use tax-wise and tax-efficient income strategies to help you keep more of the money that you make.  The course provides discussions on the major risks that people are now facing during their retirement years. In addition, it will help you avoid many of the mistakes others have made in planning for their retirement.  Two, 2 hour in-class sessions will be followed by a one hour meeting with me, your instructor to review your personal situation.

 Wealth Management for Women

     Statistically, women today are outliving their male counterparts.  It's not surprising then that women are equally as likely to be involved in financial planning and the management of the family wealth.  This course will prepare ladies for this task by covering the main aspects of wealth management.  It will provide an understanding of the products available today including how they are used.  It will cover such things as RRSPs, GICs, Mutual Funds, TFSAs, RESPs, RRSP to RRIF conversions, basic tax planning, Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance and Charitable Giving Strategies.  A 2 hour in-class session will be followed by a one hour meeting with me, your instructor to review your personal situation.


P3 Power Passion Purpose

     This is a one day Transformational event designed to ignite the fire within you.  Humans do not like change therefore many people never go after their goals.  By igniting your passions, finding your life purpose and discovering your "inner power", you will have the tools to live a congruent life.  It's all about having your thoughts, feelings and your actions in alignment to achieve the goals that you want in your life. 

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