PRAXIS: noun \ prax·is \ˈprak-səs\ from Medieval Latin word prassien meaning "to do"

Definition:  1) the practical application of a theory 2) Integration of beliefs with behavior

   The word Praxis clearly defines what we do for our clients. We are agents of change and through our various programs, we help our clients achieve their full human potential.  If you are not getting the desired results in your life, it's probably because your beliefs and your behaviors are out of alignment.  By doing some simple yet effective changes to your mindset, you can go after your dreams and achieve them.  To grow your Net-Worth, you need to grow your Self-Worth.

   The mission of the Praxis Wealth Institute is to help our clients create the life that they want by providing then with the tools and strategies needed to get there.  We offer courses, workshops and one-on-one coaching in the field of Financial Life Planning, Transition Life Coaching and Unleashing Your Full Human Potential.  It is incumbent upon all of us to work on the inner game of self mastery and these programs are designed to facilitate that.  Our principal instructor has over 34 years of industry experience working with a variety of clients all over Canada.  His vast knowledge and his ability to effectively communicate the subject matter make these courses and workshops invaluable.  Sign up today and start planning your future!

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